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Make it moooove...

10 March 1988
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My name is Hayley.

I'm what some may call a hippie, but i perfer peace loveing in nature. I have a flop eared bunny named LOLa that i love more than, well, ya i geuss more than anything in the world. I like to write, it makes me smile, and sometimes helps me go to sleep, if anything it just helps me release. Its probly the most healthy way I could release things. Im 17. Ive been moving around my whole life. Although California San Diego is my home town and where my heart and silly soul lies. Im a tall goofy blond, with too much cheek and to little eye. I want to go back to school and make something of myself, dont we all though, my youth gives me a step ahead though, ha. I smoke marijuana and cancer causing ciggarettes, its a habit.
well ya , pretty much...ahahahdhlkdhflah. yep.

sorry about the web page, boyfriend got mad at me.

...lalfljfsdkhs., art, cake, california, carrot, cheese, children, ciggarettes, cooking, crayons, cream, dimples, eyeliner...exxxxxx, features, frosting, full lips, glances on the street, indpendant movies, jo jo, kisses half awake, love, marijuana, massages, mexican candy, music, my bunny lola, nail polish, new people, old men, pajamas, pastels, pictures, poetry, scents, shoots and ladders, snowboarding, sushi, swings, with, writting, yea pretty much